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R&D Foods in Prospect Heights is a jack of all trades for locals, offering coffee and petite-but-powerful breakfast sandwiches alongside vegetable-driven prepared foods and grocery staples. The owners, Sara Dima and Ilene Rosen, also run a sister shop next door, which offers home goods.

Renaissance has helped support both businesses with low-interest loans.

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The Art of Writing Honest and Informative Food Reviews

How to Write a Food Review

Writing a food review can be a great way to share your thoughts about restaurant services and food. Often, food reviewers include a bit of history about the restaurant in their reviews. This may include details about the restaurant’s chef, training, and style.

A good food review should be both positive and negative. Vague, emotion-laden reviews are not helpful to diners.


Honesty is a core value that most people hold dear. It is a quality that inspires courage and confidence in people. However, it is not always easy to be honest. Sometimes it is tempting to tell a lie and save someone’s feelings. However, this is not true honesty.

When a reviewer accepts free items from your restaurant, they must disclose this information in their review. This prevents the review from being considered a paid endorsement and allows readers to make an informed decision about your business.

Participants were asked to rate the honesty of a person who endorsed an egalitarian view but had a biased emotional response. Ridge plots show that participants rated the target person as less honest if their emotional responses were incongruent with their explicit egalitarian beliefs and behaviors. This suggests that the intuitive conception of honesty incorporates non-propositional, emotion-based information when making judgments about bias. However, this does not mean that participants judged the target person as untrustworthy if their emotional response was incongruent with their explicit egalitarian views.


When writing a food review, it’s important to use photos to give people a visual idea of what the food looks like. This will help them decide if it’s something they want to try or not. It’s also helpful for those who are unfamiliar with a restaurant and may need more information before making a decision.

Adding a photo to a Google review is simple and can help potential customers get an idea of what the business offers. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the food you eat at restaurants will not always look exactly the way it does in pictures or on TV. This is because recipes can often go awry, and chefs make mistakes sometimes! This is normal, and it’s not a reflection on the quality of the food.

Value for money

Rather than focusing on the one bad thing about their experience, thank the reviewer for their choice to spend time and money at your restaurant. This approach makes you seem genuinely grateful and shows that you value their business.

If you want a writer to visit your establishment, make sure that you have polished all operational processes and perfected your quality control. It is also best to avoid offering them free food or comping their bill, as this could be construed as bribery and violates many review sites’ guidelines.

Once you have familiarized yourself with the work of local writers, brainstorm ways that your food business and their blogs can collaborate. The more creative you are, the more likely you will be to build a symbiotic relationship with them that lasts well beyond your first review. Aim for a long-term partnership that can lead to increased exposure, brand awareness, and local influence. This will be more valuable to you than the one-off clout that comes from being featured on a popular blog.


The location of a restaurant is important for many consumers, and can often be an deciding factor in making a decision to dine out. Make sure that your restaurant is easy to find by including a clear address and directions on all of your marketing materials, online, and on social media. You can also use SMS and email marketing campaigns to follow up with customers after their visit, thanking them for choosing your restaurant and politely asking them to write a review on the popular review sites of your choice.

Building relationships with food writers takes dedication and time, but can offer long-term benefits to your business. Invest in polishing all operational processes and quality control, having excellent menu design and branding, and an inviting and appealing ambiance.

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